martes, 29 de septiembre de 2009


Se acaba una etapa de mi vida asi que de momento ...

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JAVI dijo...

Que te vaya bien todo lo que hagas.

Se te espera allí donde vayas.

Rogelio dijo...

"Todo pasa y nada queda, y lo nuestro es pasar, pasar haciendo caminos, caminos sobre la mar"...

Seguro que es un Stop? No será un Ceda el paso?

Besos y muchas suerte en todo Ana

Anita dijo...

Gracias Javi por recordarmelo, lo tengo muy presente...


Anita dijo...

tienes razon primoooo, gracias por seguir ahi...


Anónimo dijo...

Donde estan las bonitas entradas, parece que la señal de la foto te ha influido. Besos

Anónimo dijo...

a seguir con otra etapa.

Anónimo dijo...

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Herpes is not a whole new disorder. There are actually numerous families who're afflicted with all the virus. It really is not the illness itself the situation it is the stigma and stress brought on by recognizing you will have the virus. The biggest difficulty is brought on by all of the adds and claims that turn out to become absolutely nothing but newly bottled snake oil.
In spite of all which you hear from commercials and companies all around you, you will need to understand a crucial reality. The modern day allopath medicine only takes care from the herpes signs rather than of your virus. In addition, the present day medicine brings about the herpes virus to mutate which tends to make the body suffer and increases the outbreaks. Aside from that, as stated ahead of almost all of these medications are riddled with unwanted effects along with other issues.
Hence, in order to avoid each of the discomfort and conditions related with the Herpes outbreak, there's one particular hassle-free solution; go normal herpes cure. Natural treatments are a little more effective than guy made treatments. Organic remedies will actually protect against those nasty outbreaks as an alternative to cover them up and can help manage the severity and occurrence with the outbreaks, enabling you to lead a typical life. Although the virus may likely under no circumstances go, but considering that the signs and outbreaks will be prevented or minimized, you may be able to reclaim your lifestyle.
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The type of pure remedy essential for the affliction is dependent upon the strain on the herpes virus. You will find eight acknowledged strains with the virus and just about every one particular has a a variety of treatment.
Lysine may be a nicely known organic herpes cure which can be recognized to be efficient towards herpes. Lysine is often located in major quantities in food items like soybeans, potatoes, fish, eggs, milk solutions, chicken and beef.
Vitamin B complex plus vitamin E and zinc supplements are high quality herpes defenders. Omega three fatty acids can also be really productive. Substances which have potent anti-viral properties like Red Marine Algae also can assist in cutting down the pain and outbreaks connected with herpes.
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